Secure electronic data delivery service

AiryBox is a secure electronic data delivery service built on top of Identity-Based Privacy (IBP) application framework.

When enterprises and individuals move their data and applications to the Cloud, protection of their confidential information (e.g. financial data, company secrets, intellectual properties) and sensitive information (e.g. personal identifiable information) is critical. Inappropriate information disclosure could cost a data owner's reputation, financial standing, and regulatory and legal compliances.

Encryption is one of the most effective data protection techniques. For encryption to be useful, encryption keys must be properly managed and protected. IBP data protection uses as a public key some unique information about the identity (e.g. a domain name or email address). Cloud Computing customer can easily encrypt data with key based on his email address before moving it to a public cloud.

IBP at its heart relies on Identity-Based Encryption Key Generator running as a trusted keyring server protected by Identity and Access Management (IAM) built around OAuth2, OpenID Connect (OIDC) and User-Managed Access (UMA) standards.

Identity-Based Privacy (IBP)

IBP application framework uses client-side zero-knowledge encryption. All users' data are encrypted on the client side and never touch servers in a plain form. Cloud data storage provider has zero knowledge of the encryption keys and key generator server has zero knowledge of users' data.

AiryBox features:

  • Send and receive files securely
    Determine who is accessing files, as well as where and when.
  • Meet SOX, HIPAA and PCI-DSS standards
    Protect intellectual property and personally identifying information against accidental or malicious disclosure.
  • User-Managed Access
    Revise usage rights or revoke access to files at any time.
  • Audit and Visibility
    Monitor the use of protected files through detailed audit logs.